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Shubhank Gaur
Company Name: Transfive Technet Pvt Ltd
Useless and waste of money if doing for GST

No e-process for paperwork, was asked to visit their physical office to complete the paperwork. Drove 60-70 kms and wasted 3-4 hrs of my time to reach them and complete paperwork as I am from outside Delhi (but in NCR).
Furthermore, only a poor quality photocopy of all the agreements was provided, not even proper xerox.
I had specifically applied for GST registration package, however the Agreement copy provided did not have any Witness signs on them at last pages (their is a witness box). Due to this I was unable to complete GST registration as again and again GST Dept. was asking for agreement with witness signed and later grew suspicious and started asking for Colored/Scanned copy of the papers instead of photocopies.

I contacted Daftar (with cc to MyHQ) numerous times for more than 2-3 weeks, but neither of the parties responded to even one of my mails.
The only response I got from reception of Daftar over phone call was "to sign the witness boxes myself in any name and signs"

Needless to say, my GST registration could not be completed, 0 customer service provided by MyHQ after sales and Daftar never replied to any of the mails or tried to assist in anything.

Dear Shubhank,
So sorry to hear about this, we will be sharing the same feedback with the space and will try to Improve this, Thank you for raising this issue to us.
Apologies for the experience that you have faced, our first priority is our customer satisfaction, we will thoroughly look into this matter internally and take the action on it for sure. Asking our team to get on a call with you and figure out if you still need help regarding anything.

Virtual Office in Model Town GT Karnal Road, Delhi

Detailed description on the virtual office services at the space.

Documents we will share

  • Kind of Property: Owned
  • For Mailing Address: We will share an NOC allowing the use of address on letterhead, website and visiting cards.
  • For Company / GST registration: We will share an NOC (allowing the use for company / GST registration) along with an agreement for use of space and a utility bill.
  • The latest utility bill for the last quarter will be shared
  • Documents which the space will be able to share (on purchase, based on the product purchased):
  1. Utility Bill- Recent Electricity Bill
  2. Draft- Client NOC
  3. Draft- Agreement
  4. Space Master Agreement
  • Some of the information is confidential and has been blurred. It will be shared post-purchase.
Process for Virtual Office

After payment, you will need to submit the following details:

If your company is already incorporated:

  • Organization Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN Card (for Pvt Ltd)
  • Director's (or Trustees) ID proof
  • GST number (if any)

If your company is not incorporated:

  • Director's (or Trustees) ID proof
  • Planned Organization's name (for agreement)

Once we receive the documents, we will process the final documents within 3 days.

Space Services with Virtual Office

  • Discounted Meeting Room and Flexi Desks access/month
  • Courier delivery to your address on actual costs
  • Community Benefits such as $5000 AWS credits, Google Cloud Credits, Segment, Freshworks and more! View full list here: Community Benefits.
Workspace Location

Building no.2 3rd Floor, GT Karnal Rd, State Bank Colony, Delhi 110009


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