Virtual Offices for GST registration

Virtual Offices for GST registration

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Virtual workplaces offer organizations their own corporate addresses for correspondences and virtual connections, without really claiming an actual office space.

Overflowing with all the essentials of setting up a business in India or applying for GST, this utility costs a small amount of what you acquire for a traditional office space, which your business probably won't need at a previous stage.

Getting a virtual office space has its own set of advantages, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. You don’t have to worry about handling your mails 

  2. Since virtual workplaces additionally give you an actual location, you can likewise utilize them as a postage information and you don't need to stress over losing any significant package/letters. 

    You can likewise get the mail sent from your virtual office address to a location of your decision. You can get a street number at a virtual office in a cooperating space for any span of time.

  3. Simple  Business Expansion 

  4. Getting a virtual office address implies you don't need to stress over taking an office on lease/rent. This way developing organizations can take a virtual office address to build up a presence in a city or have numerous workplaces everywhere in the country without really agonizing over moving to another area.

  5. Virtual offices are Cost Effective

  6. Virtual workplaces are very pocket friendly, you can get a virtual office at a small amount of the expense of an actual office and you don't need to stress over overhead expenses. There is no expense in driving, you don't need to stress over taking care of any electricity bill, office support, a full time assistant, and so on. This way you can spare pointless costs and concentrate your accounts where you need them the most - reinvesting them into your business.

  7. Makes a Business Look More Professional 

  8. Having a location that is undeniably a place of work gives your business a more professional feel, consistently causing you to win a greater number of customers than you would have if you were working from your place of residence.

  9. Business Support

  10. Virtual offices offer heaps of additional highlights to help your business so you can focus exclusively on your business. You don't have to stress over tedious errands like taking care of calls and arranging posts as most virtual office arrangements deal with this for you. You can keep steady over the administrator and be completely operational all day, every day with a receptionist without paying any extra money. Also taking up a virtual office with a coworking space gives you the benefit of using meeting rooms and flexible seats as per your requirements.

How does Virtual Place of Business help you in GST registration?

A business needs to get enlisted under the GST scheme if its turnover surpasses a specific sum. For specific organizations, for example, online business organizations, GST enlistment is necessary and individuals who fail to do so are penalised. To enlist under the GST scheme, the business needs an actual mailing address.

Now, if you need to register for GST in a different state where you do not have any office, technically one would require to rent an office / space to operate the business. One approach is you take a property on lease (which is super expensive usually), however there is also another cost effective approach. You can register for a virtual office with a coworking space. Coworking spaces provide space by the seat and hence are able to provide you an address without actually leasing out a property. You can use the flexible seats at the space along with the virtual office service.

How can myHQ help you?

We know running a business is no easy task and we are there to help you. We will get the GST aspect sorted fast and ensure your business is on the right side of the law. Although registering for GST and the subsequent compliances may seem complicated or troublesome, it has its set of advantages such as legal recognition as supplier of goods/services, availment of ITC, legal authorisation to collect tax from customers etc. Get it done. To register, follow the process as laid down by the virtual office website.

We provide the following documents  required for GST registration:

  • Rent Agreement
  • Utility Bill
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord

 We can provide you with a virtual office in prime locations anywhere in the country for rents as low as INR 499/- per month.

Need help with virtual office registration, visit: Virtual Office at myHQ or reach out to us