Protect your Employees from Covid-19 by taking a Virtual Office Space

Protect your Employees from Covid-19 by taking a Virtual Office Space

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic our lives have completely changed. From changing the way we travel, we dress to the way we work, nothing is the same. The pandemic has put the economy in a slowdown and many  businesses have taken a hit because of the slowdown, although we are on a path to economic recovery, we still have a long way to go before things are back to normal.

In these unprecedented times, the way we work has completely changed. Since employees are the biggest assets that any firm/business has, most of the businesses have switched to a work from home model, wherein the employees have the flexibility of working from their home and they need not come to the office. This way there is no need to commute and the risk of contracting the virus decreases since the number of people you come into contact with is greatly reduced and the spread of the virus can be contained to some extent.

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges, since there is no social interaction between the employees, there is no line between personal and professional life and coordination becomes difficult at times, so in order to overcome this many businesses have gradually started opening their offices 3-4 times a month, so that employees can interact with themselves and this in turn will foster the team bonding and increase collective productivity.

Now the question is how do you do this economically? We all know with the rising real estate prices how expensive it is to manage a physical office space, physical office space are an expensive proposition in today’s times with an economic slowdown and uncertainty looming over us, the businesses should have not to worry about the upkeep of their office spaces with monthly rents, electricity bills, maintenance of equipment's, etc.

This is where virtual offices have an upper hand over conventional office spaces, some of the benefits of virtual office are as follows:

  1. You can get a virtual office space at a fraction of the cost of a physical office space.

  2. Virtual offices also increase productivity significantly. According to a Stanford study has found that employees working in a virtual office space take fewer sick leaves and are 13% more productive than office based employees.

  3. Virtual office services also offer flexible seats at co-working spaces whenever required
  4. Virtual offices have a more comfortable setting than traditional office spaces

Thus in these uncertain times virtual offices are gaining popularity day by day since not only are they an efficient way of running a business but also they are the perfect balance between a traditional office space and working from home, also in the current pandemic this is a step towards keeping your employees safe and healthy. Virtual offices are regularly sanitised and cleaned and there is a strict adherence to social distancing norms.

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