Benefits of Selling Online in India

Benefits of Selling Online in India

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Selling their goods is the most important of any business/retailer/manufacturer. The internet boom in India has made the internet affordable and accessible to all. Increased accessibility to internet has given an impetus to e-commerce in India. In the recent years we have seen many e-commerce marketplaces prop up in India, and have completely transformed how goods are sold. Selling online has become an integral part of any business if they want to scale up and make sure that their product reaches every nook and corner of the country/world.

Advantages of selling online :

Explained below are some of the advantages of selling online:

  1. National/International Visibility : 
  2. Online selling gives your business an increased visibility that is not possible through the traditional way of selling. Online selling gives your business an opportunity to make sure that you can sell your products anywhere without having to establish physical stores or warehouses.

  3. You can sell your products 24 * 7
  4. Traditional selling can happen only during daytime, but that is not the case with online selling. Orders can be placed from anywhere in the world at any time just by a single click, and the orders can be shipped as per the client’s requirements.

  5. Low Operating Costs 
  6. There are no overhead costs involved  like rent for a physical store, electricity bills, maintenance of the property etc. if you are selling your products online.

  7. Easily Measurable through Analytics 
  8. E-commerce websites are easily measurable and trackable through analytical tools like Google Analytics with which you can analyse the average time spent on your website, user acquisition statistics, the bounce rate, statistics on the cart items. Not only this but you can easily find issues if any in your website if any with these analytical tools. SEO plays a crucial role in scaling your ecommerce website.

  9. The business can be operated from anywhere in the world
  10. Yes, you heard it right. Unlike the traditional selling model this model of selling does not adhere to any geographical restrictions. You can be on vacation and still run your business without any hassle; something which is not possible if you are running a physical store.

The Internet is accessible generally everywhere on the world. An ever increasing number of individuals are joining on the web internet business. An ever increasing number of clients incline toward purchasing items on the web, as individuals are occupied in their positions; they get less of an ideal opportunity to go out on the town to shop, so internet purchasing is the most ideal alternative for them, which should be possible whenever. Web based purchasing causes clients to analyze the expense of items and purchase the best quality item at the least expensive cost.

If you want to sell on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. in India in that case GST compliances are a must. To avail Input Tax Credit you need to have a registered office address in the states where your products are being sold.

You need to have a business address with the GST authorities in the state where your products are being sold. Now renting a physical office space just for GST registration is a very expensive proposition. It is therefore recommended to take a virtual office which you can get at a fraction of the cost. You can click on the following links if you want to register on the following marketplaces in India:

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart 

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